Fixed gear RAAM team.

Hi, I’ve been lurking here a while and found something this morning you might
find to be interesting.

Damn son

Yeah I recall that guy who did it SS last year and really wanted to do it fixed. I wanna see their bikes.

Gran Fondo Cycles is in Nashville. I read about this a while ago, and had forgotten all about it coming up. They have their own blog which features a bit from the two riders about why they’ve chosen to ride fixed, and I think there’s also some pictures (I’m not sure if the fixed gears pictured are THE bikes that are being used though)-

Edit: Seems the shop is providing them with Salsa Casserolls


Hard as nails.

they’re all coming to my shop in MD this week. we’re the penalty station

The organizers must have heard you were working there.

Ba dump

I was going to snark about their name (The Fixies) but these guys are so badass I’m worried that they will go chuck norris on my ass with a leg over bars skid to roundhouse face kick.

Yeah, the name sucks, but the action is heroic and admirable, as well as badass.

I wonder where exactly the finish is in Annapolis. I’m all over this shit. I want to be there.

Edit: Finish line is at Annapolis Harbor. Only like 5 miles from my house so I’m going to check that shit out.

10 days, jesus.

i met these guys today, they were the nicest guys in the world. not supermen, that’s for sure, just ordinary fit guys.
48/17 all the way across country, no changing of gears.

Coast to coast without any coasting.

damn, thats fucking hard.

from the other raam thread: