FixED GEar TraCK MessenGer BikE

what rules do we have!?[/quote]

Don’t talk about tarckbike.
Don’t TALK about tarckbike.

Can somebody get it over with and punch the OP in the dick already.

I think thats what Oh No was trying to do in the last thread and it got it locked.

y’all dicks

The harassment will continue whether you like it or not.
Just sit back and enjoy the fun.

thank you

thats not where planes go silly.

I’d love to be on a plane when something like that happened.

1 of the 2 ways I want to die is having the plane rip open and I just fly down completely aware of my impending doom.

the other?

Fight with a bear/lion. Not an attack like in my sleep or anything.

if i had to pick a death it’d so be drowning

have you ever halfway drowned? i have had some close calls its not fun.

i can see if you wanted to live it wouldn’t be fun. but i was at the beach in june and i was looking out into the ocean and decided if i were to ever commit suicide i’d jump in and just start swimming until i couldn’t swim anymore and subsequently drown. it seems peaceful enough, no mess etc.

Yea see thats the thing. Its not peaceful. Its freaking violent, your body is gonna thrash and contort at the lack of oxygen and plus if you were to swim out like you said your muscles would be writhing with lactic acid. I did open water swimming for a while. Drowning is my preference, I would rather a shark got me.

Also I wasn’t talking about suicide I am talking about dying. Cheer up emo boy.

Dying is for babies.