fixed/ss touring

People have done it. I heard of several people going cross country back in the day (early 2000’s). It’s just a matter of going ultra-light (not necessarily credit card touring) and taking your time. You’ll be doing lots of chainring/cog changes most likely. And you’re not going to average 70 miles a day. I used to think it would be really fun to take a few months and do a super long ride. Now I know I’d have more fun on a geared bike.

I came across this article on a 40 year old guy who did 500 miles in the winter in Nevada fixed (on a Riv Quickbeam) - . It’s definitely doable, if you’re geared correctly. Whether it’s fun fixed or if nicer geared is more of a personal decision, but if you’re wanting to ride long distances loaded down with stuff, “practicality” really isn’t the key operator here.

It can be done. I know of people that have done the AIDS ride fixed. I know of people that have done PBP fixed. People have done all sorts of things fixed and it’s definitely laudable. On the other hand, some folks want to tour fixed because they’re clueless twits.

^Well put, hal.

Wasn’t there a RAAM team that was all fixed?

yeah but they had a support car.

and they traded off riding. but they kept the same gear ratio all the way across country. they were riding salsa cassaroles with brooks saddles.
i used to have pictures but i think i deleted them.

No way I would try this. I could see it being alright for a day or two of really flat stuff but you’ll be sorry after a week or two.

I’m running about 79" on my Cross Check (49x17 gearing, 700x37c tires) and with just fenders and a Carradice Nelson Longflap saddlebag, I find the added weight & wind resistance to be pretty tough to deal with. I could gear down more but then I’d lose top end speed (or have to work harder, which would mean I’d lose endurance).

I guess the question is: how much stuff are you talking about taking with you? Touring bikes have triple chainrings and mountain bike cassettes & rear derailleurs for a reason, and that’s because moving an extra 40-60lbs. of shit is hard work and you need/want the extra mechanical advantage to be able to do it without excessive pain.

On the other hand, if by “touring” you are mean doing it PBP style - like carrying a messenger bag that contains a few essential tools, a windbreaker/raincoat, maybe an emergency space blanket or bivy sack, and planning to go to do hostels / hotels / couch surf / whatever, then heck yeah, I think it’s do-able. Better bring along three or four credit cards, too… :bear: