Fixing up an old Schwinn Le Tour

My girlfriend just bought an old Schwinn Le Tour Mixte and I’m trying to fix it up. Overall everything is fine except for the fact that it won’t coast easily. I replaced the chain because it was rusty and have rebuilt the hub in the rear wheel and it’s still doing it so the problem is in the freewheel.

The question is, what might it be in the freewheel? Is it the pawls or the bearings and if I take it apart will it be easy to build it back up and have it work? Or should I just buy a new 5-speed freewheel. Right now the sprockets are 14-17-20-24-28 and it has a 12 spline pattern, is there anything I need to know in terms of finding a new one? Will any 5-speed freewheel work or are there different threading patterns on hubs for these? There is no branding on the rear hub or the freewheel so I don’t have much information there. Thanks

Most likely the grease inside the old one is all broken down/contaminated and is gumming up the pawls. Just get a new 5-speed freewheel from your LBS. We’ve got a whole box of snazzy gold Suntour ones where I work and they’re pretty cheap. The threading is the same no matter the brand. The only thing that changes is the tool used to remove them since they have different interfaces.

+1 get a new freewheel. shouldnt cost too much.

before bastardisizing my gazelle, it had cottered cranks, shit slipped like a mofo, but hopefully you dont have cottered cranks haha

when i saw the title, i thought it was going to be a conversion. i guess i’m guilty of that.

This Le Tour… is it orange?

If so, we’ve got a case of the girl bike matchy match, which would be awesome.

i got mixte love

pics plz

i have an 82’ schwinn world sport girls bike with a frame like this. i converted it though and should still have the flywheel that came with it. if your interested in it let me know.

I’m pretty sure I have a functioning freewheel lying around as well. If you were to cover shipping I’d be happy to hook you up.

Freaking close, it’s baby blue. I’ll toss pictures up soon.

Thanks for the offers I already went out and grabbed one yesterday on my ride, now I’m just trying to track down a 20 spline freewheel remover.

Here it is:

Still need to put new tires and bar tape, but otherwise I think it’s pretty kick ass for not costing an arm and a leg.

very nice. are those the original tires? my bike still had that o.g. schwinn nylon schrader front tube from 82’. its still in incredible shape though. i used it on a bike up until last week.

Yup those are the original tires but I would not say that its in good condition at all. The tread is peeling away from the gumwall in places. Damn chicago weather.

Winter here kills everything.
It’s great to see neat old bikes going back into service and refreshing to see a thread with an honest question from someone who isn’t a moron.

The Le Tour is my favorite bike Schwinn ever made.

[quote=blickblocks]i got mixte love

pics plz[/quote]
I would do just about anything for a mixte.


what do you want for your mixte?

That’s currently the lady’s only bike, soooooo the price’d have to be pretty dear.

At least enough to significantly offset the cost of that Long Haul Trucker she wants…

The guy we bought this le tour off of had like 5 other mixtes, another Le Tour but in pink I think.

wtf trackstar!

you can’t have an NSFW avatar god damnit

where do you live? do you think he is interested in selling any of the others?