Fixy Help

My uncle just gave me his old road bike. Is it worth anything? How do I make it into a fixy?



I’m off to work now. Please give me advice so I know when I get back.


yes. saw off all the braze-ons. take the brakes off. don’t worry about new wheels, just use the cassette rear wheel without a derailleur.
be sure to keep the one piece crank on too.

ok so what word is that party foul filter for?

If you don’t have a set of allen keys, just use the hacksaw to remove anything that looks like a gear or a brake.


ah, thx for the info.

dude get some wenimens i hear they are like twice as less heavy than those other fat tires

I’d like to thank everyone who said something.

fix[color=#000000]ie[/color] fix[color=#000000]ie[/color] fix[color=#000000]ie[/color] fix[color=#000000]ie[/color]

that’s the spirit!

make sure when you post it on FGG you tell people that your bike is fast

and it rides like a dream

definately no breaks

needz moar arrospok

i dacided to get phil wood cuz there the smoodest and deep v too match my frame (lime green)

Ouch, you bought the bootleg version of that rim, they’re actually called “Veep-D’s”

And phil woods are nice, but you gotta get the wheel chair hub if you really want to spin.

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