Fizik Arctica R5 winter shoes 46.5

These are some nice winter road (3 bolt cleat) shoes.

Nice and warm in the 30’s / wet 40s, but a little too small for me (I am between a 12.5 and 13 in US shoe sizing, and a 46.5-47.5 in most bike shoes). Length was fine, toe box was a little cramped.

I wore them a few times, didn’t mess them up too badly.

Yours for let’s say $60 shipped.

Again, road shoes, not mtb.

Road???! :sob:

just put Keo2Max on your mtb.

get hype.

slip and fall a lot.


Were they a good deal? Winter three bolt shoes used to be perpetually discounted around here. Maybe the distributors finally sorted out supply and demand.

yeah I think I paid $120 or thereabouts.

If it were consistently cold enough to need these shoes all winter, I would have probably bought a winter pedal and shoe setup. As it is, I just did a ride in summer shoes with toe covers (in the middle of january! not a great sign global warming wise!), and I’m not swapping pedals based on weather forecast.