Flash Dance 2: RAD


all of the movie rad

required watching

i believe its pronounced RADD.

get it on google video. you can download the entire thing in one piece. and if you have ever ridden a BMX this is a must see. or a must see for anyone who has ever looked at a bike

backflip out of the Kix bowl.

Bandwitch can you post the google video link? At work we can’t get youtube and I kinda want to see what’s RAD(D)

i think i may have lied to you all. i dl’d the entire thing from google but i cant seem to find it now.

essentially its a BMX movie from the 80’s culminating with a big race with the local cats vs the pros. and the main guy’s name is cru jones. pretty badass.

edited to get tarckbear’s chief priest’s name right

I have this on VHS in the original box. It’s one of those plastic boxes that they sold before they started putting videos in the paper sleeve. I bet it’s unwatchable from years and years of viewing.

Correct spelling is Cru Jones. Thank you.

flatland dancing=coolest prom ever.

sorry buddy. havnt watched it in awhile. keep forgetting i have it.