flipped over cross brake levers?

since i can’t find a cross lever that fits the fat stubby part of my bars, i think i’ll just get a right-handed lever, flip it over, and use it on the left side, so the lever clamps before the stub and extend towards the center. i’ve seen this setup before but could anyone post any pictures of it? and if you ride as such, how do you like it?

I did it on my gf’s ss, i didnt really like it that well. I ended up finding my old bmx bike and stole its levers… they work better.

i had an idea to do that awhile back. never put it into motion. instead i took a BMX lever, filed down the inside of the clamp to make it fit the bulge, and cut the lever down to fit only a finger. nice and small, out of the way, yet still convenient.

whats the o.d of your bars at the clamp?

get a 31.8mm clamp lever and shim it down?


I still have that setup on my group buy frame

It’s not really ideal, but once you get used to having the lever there, it works okay. It isn’t the most comfortable way to use a lever, though, and you can only brake from one position.

Also, it doesn’t matter which side of the bars the lever is labeled for, so you don’t have to worry about whether you use left or right.

i just want the lever as out of the way as possible. i just want it as an “oh shit” brake, i wont really be using it but it’ll still be at my fingertips.

what bars and what width? I have a goldfinger right by the stem on my new syntace stratos (26mm clamp area). I’ve also used the same lever (with the shims it came with on my risers) and with only one of the shims on my 3ttt Pista bars. It really is that dope!

Why the fuck would you want your brake lever out of the way. Especially in an “oh shit” situation.

iunno, not totally out of the way like on my tt or god forbid under my seat, still reachable and easily accessed but as covert as possible. i usually ride with my hands right in the middle anyway.

out of the way does not mean inaccessible.

e-brake anybody?

I don’t get it.

i assume you jam the wire brush into your spokes? shit i dunno

Looks like it works alright for this guy… why not?

The backward aero helmet and full disc are optional, but encouraged. :bear:

He just wanted more protection from the rain hitting his face :stuck_out_tongue: