foot retension..crappy clips/straps?

So I’m currently using powergrips on my fg, but don’t really like them. I used to run clipless, but the shoes and all that proved to be too big of a pain in my ass. I guess the bottom line is I’m too OCD to deal with changing shoes to ride. FWIW, on my geared utility bike I just run platforms and I’m very happy with that.

I have some shitty plastic clips and nylon straps that I got from who knows where that I’m thinking about giving a try. I guess my question is this: how much of a difference would nice clips/straps make compared to really bad ones? Will I get an accurate feel for it?

I would just go ahead and pull the power grips and put the clips on, but it’s alot more work than just using the internet. :bear:

plastic clips really aren’t that bad. they’ll hold your feet just as well and they don’t hurt as much. in fact, i’ve never seen a plastic clip break around your foot, but I have seen a couple of metal clips snap, near where they attach to the pedal. HOWEVER: the loop that the strap runs through on plastic clips is prone to breaking, cause it’s plastic.

My advice is run the plastic clips until they break; if you want really good foot retention on the cheap, find two other shitty single straps, take a piece of leather (I used an old wallet) and cut four slits in it. Then put it over the top of the clip and run your straps through it (assuming you have pedals that can take 2 straps…) and there you go, really cheap awesome double straps. I haven’t needed to upgrade this setup and I skid like a jackass all the time.

Also: hose clamps instead of straps.

Plastic clips rock, they are comfy and cheap. they look like shit tho.

Its pretty funny, my road bike has NJS toeclips and campy laminated toestraps right now, but my conversion has ghetto plastic specialized toclips and shitty ass nylon straps.

I’m with you on everything but the hose clamps. It seems like it’s gotta be a bad idea, but I can’t figure out why.

Gonna switch out the powergrips tonight I guess. Thanks man.

plastic mtb toe clips & nylon straps <$10 at most lbs.

i like a lot.

haha I was just throwing the hose clamp idea out there incase you were on like a homeless fixie budget. I just saw someone doing it for the first time on tuesday and it blew my mind. kinda hurt a bit, but realllly solid.

i thought about running hose clamps too after i broke 2 straps within a month. is it terrible? now that my mind is on that again im seeing a red flag and it says METAL FATIGUE on it. hmmm.

well they’re stainless steel (I think? right?) and you’re not really putting that much force on them. I would think that if you kept an eye on them and used a nice wide one - you’d have to for it to fit around your foot and the pedal - then it would probably be functional. Ever tried to break one of the bigger ones? They’re pretty resilient. I’m not sure how the fatigue factors in though.

edit: actually, if you didn’t bend it back and forth at all I bet the strap would hold up fine. I think the limiting agent would be the threading.

get mountain bike cages and four straps total.
courtesy of Blickblocks:

ahh memories . . … thats from from my “i hate toeclips” thread isnt it ?

i like them now that ive found a good setup.

I went from plastic clips/cheap leather straps, to cheap steel clips/cheap leather straps to Soma Double clips/straps. They are expensive, I think its around 70 bucks for both together. But man, the comfort level jumped like mad, seemingly. I never have to adjust as frequently as I did with the previous and I feel more secure in them. My only complaint is that your dominant foot (one you step out of/push off with) tends to bend the clip/stretch the straps.

I’m looking forward to trying out clipless, but I have a feeling I’m gonna end up sticking with the current set up.

I’m so trying out the hose clamps. Never thought to use those.

only thing i have to add is that double straps are the shit and somehow comfier. id post up my old tube doublizer but i dont really feel like digging up the thread (i should be studying).

also, remember that straps are meant to be tightened after you put your foot in. dont just rock them at a somewhat tight but still kinda loose i never change it position. if you tighten up it will feel a lot better/solid.

i am shit scared of popping out of clipless. I’ve been riding around clipless for the past three days. With the way my straps are set up, I don’t get how you can adjust them once on the bike and still have them in a non-slip position. I adjust my straps about once a week and they are amazing.

Not all nylon (plastic) clips are the same. There are some pretty solid feeling MTB clips, like the one in my drawing bold posted. The ones with the double gates are the best.

I’ve tried riding my friend’s bikes that have metal clips and I didn’t like the shapes of them at all.

if they are set up in the correct position you should just be able to pull the strap upward to tighten, push on the cam to loosen.

Have any of you found that your straps get worn in around where they sit most of the time and then gradually you can’t tighten them there anymore because they’re too worn?

I used to run my straps loose, and now that I’ve started tightening them, one skip and they go back to where they used to be. It’s like the cam wore into them and now that’s the only place they’ll stay.

no, they stay put. maybe get some new straps?

Just wanted to say that these are amazing. At least compared to the power grips.

I was thinking more about the hose clamp, and it seems like the point where the clamp passes through the body of the pedal would be a big stress riser. I think the clamp would probably fail there pretty quickly. But somebody should definitely try this out.

if they are set up in the correct position you should just be able to pull the strap upward to tighten, push on the cam to loosen.[/quote]
can you show me some pics of this?

power grips suck.
Clips/straps are ok.
Clipless is the bomb!