foot retension..crappy clips/straps?

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]power grips suck.
Clips/straps are ok.
Clipless is the bomb![/quote]
I like clipless too, but me and special shoes don’t get along.

Is it easier to skid with clips than powergrips? I’ve never used anything but my PGs, but I’ve been thinking about switching to clips. Maybe negligible? I’m not the strongest skidder.

I could barely skid/skip with my power grips, and I had to try hard to get it to work. With clips it is MUCH easier, for me anyways. I never really felt like I could pull up with as much force as I wanted to with the power grips.

I like how high on your foot power grips are for skidding. clips kind of put more pressure on your toes. Keep your feet stiff and you won’t know much of a difference.

hmm. not that I have any intention of ever using my power grips again but it makes me wonder if I had them set up weird or something.

if they are set up in the correct position you should just be able to pull the strap upward to tighten, push on the cam to loosen.[/quote]
can you show me some pics of this?[/quote]

if you really need them, yes, but i’ll try to explain:
you want the strap to thread through the body of the pedal first, from the outside. once through the first slot twist the strap a couple of times then put it through the second slot. thread it through the toe clip. thread it through the buckle.

now when you pull up on the strap it will tighten, push on the buckle it will loosen

I really like the wider, plastic clips (these but in white for slightly less tarck) because they just grip my entire foot better than normal metal clips.

Should I leave the Sidis at home if I’m going to a beach party tonight?

I just installed some double leather straps tonight and they are FTW for sure!

I have the black plastic cages and they’re fine, but the nylon single straps I used to run would loosen up all the time. Not at all the case with these new double leather badboys. And I crossed the straps a la Blickblock, seems to be good.

Very stoked!

i love my toshi doubles

so what’s better. . . homemade doubler (leather, whathever) or the 2 singles straps crossed like in the photo earlier??

cool i will have to try it. unfortunately that picture posted before has the 2 holes where the straps go through, which only plastic clips are made like that. not steel, except the somas. so i might try out plastic but i feel like its a step backward from steel because im already using MKS clips. i just want to try something different than my ALE leather toe straps cause they slip like someone else mentioned earlier in the thread.

The great thing about combining your own singlestraps into doubles is that you can use whatever you want (or in my case, whatever I could find.) I’m rocking nylon on the back and double leather on the front. experiment!

can you show me some pics of this?[/quote]

My big fear with clips is not being able to get out of them when I need to when they’re tightened enough to approach clipless levels of performance. Climbing hills in loose straps is torturous.

I only use single straps, but I use quality singles – Campy or Toshi. Both are great, but Toshis are the best. Anyway, I was wondering, when folks say how much better the high-end double straps are, are they comparing them to shitty $10 singles, or to quality singles? Because it’s hard for me to imagine that Toshi doubles are that much better than Toshi singles. But maybe they are?

Seems like most people end up making the jump from nylon straight to double and that is why doubles are hyped so hard. It also seems like most people who love doubles (that i ride with) keep them set at a medium position and never tighten or loosen them unless they are at the track in which case a slotted cleat and a nice single would do. Personally I go with a nice single, good for the road, good for the track, and not quite so expensive you would cry if you broke one.

yeah i just picked up some toshi singles and love them. i actually hate double straps in the city. bootlegged doubles from two singles are much better for general street usage.

i made ghetto doubles out of an extra spare of straps, and some leather that i cut slots in to hold the second strap to the first.

way. fucking. better.

you dont need to keep em as tight/tighten whenever you get into them with the doubles, becuase its holds your feet in two places. that said, when you do tighten your feet into them, you get insane levels of grip on your foot. normally ill adjust them once int he morning maybe again at lunch if im at work, they dont need to be too tight to slip into to get levels of performance better than decent singles.

anyone who hates on doubles should try them, all you need is another set of straps, some leather(old wallets/belts are a good source) and an exacto knife.

Oh man. I just replaced my power grips with clips/straps. Totally better feel.