For sale: mostly road bike stuff and a cool dangler


help me I have too much stuff

Prices do not include shipping

ye olde Wired PowerTap, 10s Shimano/SRAM road hub laced to rim brake CXP22, with head unit and all that jazz, fair bit of use but recently overhauled and still in great shape $100

SOLD don’t laugh at this one… 2 Velocity Deep V 700C 32h machined sidewall rims, HALO reflective coating, new out of box (except one sticker is missing) $25 each

SRAM Apex 2x10 shake set never used $135



SOLDSRAM Force 2x10 group, including cranks, chainrings (53/39, 53 looks pretty worn), pusher, dangler, shakes, rim brakes (with newish koolstop pads), PF BB if you want it (whatever comes in Treks). Probably something like 15k miles on the nonconsumables, well-maintained by yours truly, looks used but still in great functional shape. $250

SOLDShimano XTR 9s long cage dangler RD-M952, very used but still works great, used to be on my cross bike. Add that vintage dangler steez to your basketbike. $35



Thomson Elite X2 stem - 120mm, +/- 10 degree, 1 1/8 x 31.8 $50


The hed is just a rim? Dibs on xtr dangler.


yes just a rim


Dibs on that silver 46t outer ring.

I’ll be in Nashville in a week, to simplify shipping.


Nevermind. No longer drunk and I realized that I don’t need the xtr dangler. Dibs removed.


BUMP with some new stuff and some new Tarck Exclusive prices


Do those shakes work with an 11 speed gorilla?


The cable pull ratio is the same for all 10 and 11s SRAM road stuff, so you can use an 11s derailleur with 10s shakes and cassette, or 10s dangler with 11s shakes and cassette. 10-of-11 with 10s shakes and 11s dangler and cassette will not work AFAIK.


Fwiw I’ve got some rival and x9 danglers


tarck won’t let me edit the first post anymore but hey everything’s sold now
russ’s garage sale pt. 2 coming soon