Frame painting at an autobody shop?

Im taking my Alien frame set to be painted this afternoon and was wondering if should give the painter any special instructions. He has an autobody shop and does full restorations on cars. Problem is that he has never painted a frame before. Mask off the BB and steartube threads? Anything else?

Hell, I dont know what he shouldnt paint. Help me out here guys.

i just took mine earlier this week…
you pretty much already know what to do… mask off the threads

Be sure to mask the threads.

Ok…thread masking. Got it. Moving on, anything else? Anything at all?

Also, is there such a thing as too much metal flake?

Meh, you’re going to chase em anyway. When my IRO came (pre-painted) All they did was to roll up a piece of thin chipboard and throw it in the BB shell and head tube. Don’t forget to face your head tube (and BB shell but not as important.)

Don’t have him paint the steer tube on the fork. You’ll have a little washer to throw on top of that part from your headset, so it doesn’t need to be perfect there though.

edit: I was high when I wrote this. I stand by it, but . . . eh, whatever

what shop is it?

Do a little research on auto paint beforehand and ask him what they are going to use. When I got my road frame sprayed at a auto shop they apparently used some shitty paint, because its all soft and scratches easily. But it was >$100, so you get what you pay for I guess.

maybe someone with more painting experience can speak on this.

Dupont and PPG are good autopaints. Joe Bell from campyonly does a lot of professional restoration’s and he uses dupont imron it’s more expensive but you pay for the quality I guess. Make sure you pick out a good primer and clearcoat.

powdercoat>paint. but a good base/clear paint job should hold up well too