Frame size help needed.

Im looking into a few different places and trying to help a customer decide what frame size they want.
I dont know specific body measurements but I have a little information that may help.
The buyer, who may be on this forum actually, says this…
“As far as the size goes, I ride a 57 Cannondale Caad9 and a 56 Raleigh Rushhour Pro, and both fit me fine. I’m not sure which direction I should go, so I’ll leave that up to you. I’m 6’1” and have normal limb porportions. I don’t think it will be a big deal either way."

He doesnt seem to be too particular but I’d like to get a few opinions on what size would be best if you have experience with the other frames he has. I cant seem to locate a geometry chart for the RushHour Pro.
As for Panasonic sizing…here is the chart.
Thanks for any suggestions.

The first thing I think of is that his bikes are probably too small for him. 6’1" on a 56?

zombie, how tall are u and what size did you get?

Yeah the Cannondale sounds small for him but some people go with the smaller frame for a mostly race only bike. The Panasonic geo kinda reminds me of older Italian geo, tt’s were around 2-3 cm shorter than the seat tubes.

I’m 6’1" and usually ride a 58/59 with 57.5/58cm tt with a shorter stem to make up for shorter arms.

Unless he has super short legs he is riding bikes that are too small. He should be looking at 58-60 seat tube (depending on how tall he is) and 57.5ish top tube.

I’m 6’3" on a 62, but I have 9 inches of seat post showing and could easily be on a 63.

Yeah i was thinking his other rides were a little small too based on what I ride.
Im just suggesting him to try this online calculator. … ATOR_INTRO
Ive had good luck with that myself.

ask him what size stem and what post setback he has.

if it were me id get the 57.0 or maybe the 58.0 panasonic and get a 25mm setback seatpost (steep track bike frame) with a 120mm stem, and from there toy with seat height and where on the rails the saddle is, and stem height on the steerer tube, since all of these can have big impacts and you can probably get a damn good fit on it.

and for the record i know someone who is 6foot1 and rides a 56 just fine.

I’m 6’3" on a 62, but I have 9 inches of seat post showing and could easily be on a 63.[/quote]
i know you hate me and so on, but that sounds really weird and slightly ridiculous, do you have a picture? my roomate is 6foot3 and rides a 58 cannondale and got fit on a size cycle. your legs must be ridiculous to have seat height like that.

Cannondale doesnt make a 57cm bike, but for his height I’d either go witha 57 or 58 if that is what he is used to

Thanks for your help guys.

whoa, isn’t that measured center to top? that’s gonna be like 55.5cm ctc frame.
i think he should be on a 59 or a 60.

picture of his previous rides?

Am I reading correctly that column B is the top tube measurement? If so, 57 seems too small, and this is coming from a tall dude who likes smaller bikes.

Dude is probably tall enough that he should be able to stand over larger sizes provided the bb isn’t crazy high.

yeah those panasonics are measured center to top
the tarckasonic seat tube is 55 on the chart but really
it is 53.5 center to center fits mrs dooktruck fine
but would be too small for me
i sized it for her by the top tube which is 54

i would have been disappointed if i ordered a 55 for myself
i should go up a size to a 56

i didnt notice the center to top… definitely go at least 59, and really… he should probably be a 60

I’m 6’2" really short legs, and ride a 57. Fits like a glove.

Ps- Lollerskatez, awesome sig! I don’t even remember typing that.

Yeah the 57 has a top tube of 55…which is clearly too short for this guy.
Im 5’11" and ride a 55 top tube and its perfect. I am also now thinking he should ride the 60.


Is it a track bike, ss, or road bike you’re selling him?
Did I miss it?
I like a road bike a little larger than a track bike.