Framebuildin' part 3


That’s where I got it.


the dream is dead

i told myself if i didnt build a frame in a year, i’d let this stuff go.

anvil frame and fork fixture, with some extras. 2200 usd + shipping for both
Untitled by Robert Freeman, on Flickr
Untitled by Robert Freeman, on Flickr


Working on some ideas:


Whacky long rake (78mm) assisted Dutch bike for threaded 25.4 head tube, disc brakes. Pretty stoked with how it came out.


anybody want my HTR-1b & BTS-1? I am gonna post 'em up for sale on FB and whatever soon.


want? yes.

have use for? no :frowning:


BTS-1 if the price is right. Will DM.


Can someone recommend a book or two about the basics of bicycle design and theory, specifically one that does focus on the math and numbers? (I know this is like asking for a basic book to build a nuclear reactor or find peace in the middle east. Just give me an idea.)

I’d like to design my own bike. Maybe for making myself, maybe just so I know what I want built. I always said that I didn’t need a custom bike because I’m a standard fit and I only ride track bikes. But the reality is that I have weird particulars I like/need that I’d like to work out.

My goal at the end of this is to have a solid design in CAD (or rattleCAD or whatever) that I can reference. Even if I do nothing with it.


I don’t have a book or two to recommend — just several generations of differently-accented authentic frontier gibberish for you to parse and integrate like I’ve been

A friend of mine has been working on a geometry comparator to compare designs from multiple points of view, but it isn’t launched yet:




Ha, I just got a Facebook PM from Zach about his new site.






Going to leave this one unfiled.


[quote=Eric Estlund]SuperMAX





is SuperMax a replacement fork for someone’s nonferrous bike?


Nope- it’s the start of a fun steel rig (though I probably do a few forks a year for folks directly replacing a carbon fork).

And yes, we discussed balancing the practicality of tapered steel vs the fun factor of going for a true tapered steel lugged fork. Fun factor won the day.