Framebuildin' part 3


Built the frame to match that fork.


are you gonna be at nahbs at all Eric? I’m guessing no since you’re currently not there?


Nope- my wife and I are taking the weekend for our 15th anniversary.






No file vingt sept plus.


[quote=Rusty Piton][quote=Eric Estlund]SuperMAX


Is this remotely possible for Thruaxle Dick brake? I want it so bad.


Lets chat.


just ordered a tubeset in the henry james true temper dump sale.
$100 for oxplat whooo boy.
literally spent $250 on the same steel in this same life.


Oh shit 10 dollars for both OX Plat and S3 tubes? I need to order some today. I thought they were blowing them out when OX plat was 20 dollars per


how much was shipping?


About 27 dollars to Phoenix. Half that to Seattle


Nice. Chris moved some stuff to the closeout list I was able to scoop. Good tip. He still has great deals for folks, too.


It only took me ten years, but I finally made a unicrown mitering fixture. I’m definitely not a machinist, but I think it came out ok.


Very cool, now build me a low trail uni fork for my wolverine!




This was fun:


oh so you do still build bike stuff


I’ve been in a loooong run of stems and forks. Not finished yet, but I have some completes I’m working my way towards.


Motherfucker that is gorgeous.


Is a big run of stems and forks more lucrative than frames, in $/hour terms?