FREE: S&S soft cases. -SOLD

You pay shipping.

I have two cases,
I have one case. (One is spoken for).
I have zero cases. Both are spoken for.

I’m sure I could fit one inside the other if you want both. Or happy so send to two different people.

There is some of the nice S&S padding included, no idea if it’s a full bikes worth or not. I have a bunch of pipe insulation I can put inside too.
They are dusty outside but actually in otherwise nice shape.




Interested in one!

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Damn there are two people here with s&s bikes!?

Have a customer who could really use one of these

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if it wasn’t for the time diff (and the geographical separation) I’d have snaffled one too! (there’s 3x S&S bikes but only 2x cases in my house)


Bro there are MULTIPLE people here who have an s&s bike and didn’t get a bag today

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