free schwinn

I just found this… it is to big for me so I think I will sell it.

Give it to me.

no rear wheel?

Come on, you know you ‘found it’ locked by just the back wheel.

just kidding

nope leaning between two trashcan in ally.

yea why the fuck would you steal a bike that’s too big for you and then try to flip it on us?

that’s fucked up. tarckberar does non approve.

da fuck he approves… it was the mighty beat that lead me to it.

I still want it.

I don’t.
The last thing I need is a third schwinn beater.

just buy a fixed/free hub, lace an old 27in steel rim on it, then sell it on CL for $400 to a hipster.

OK farwayboy, it is yours! but it is 60cm , you pay shipping.

But I am keeping the brakes and the toe straps!!!

Holy fuck.
60 cm?!
I won’t even be close to able to mount that thing.

OK, I’ll put it on Craig’s list.

Convert it first.
More money that way.