Freewheel Love

Who here has that freewheel on the other side of the flip flip hub and uses it every now and then?

I for one don’t hate on the freewheel. I enjoy coasting every now and then. As far as my geared bike is concerned, coasting is a waste and I try to refrain from doing it at all. My fixed gear is my fun bike for when I’m out doing what Bandits do. Sometimes I like to flip flop to the other side just to relax a bit.

That being said, I think I’m putting my 105 levers on my drops and a rear caliper on my Kilo and just being lazy for a while. I’ll probably get bored within a month or so and just slap those bullhorns I’ve been looking to buy on and fix it again.

i’ve been thinking about doing this, but i have the feeling rigging up a rear brake will be more effort than it’s worth.

i need a new freewheel for my gf’s bike.
the one she has makes an annoying knocking sound

This is why I have more than one bike.

Shimano makes nice freewheels. Stealthmode when coasting. Badass.

I freewheel often. Nothing wrong with it.

I do too but I just can’t justify another addition to the stable just for freewheeling when I know I might fix it in like a month. Know what I mean?

I can always find a way to justify another bike.

you’re all a bunch of big babies!


If you find freewheels boring, you’re doing it wrong.

The only way I could see running a freewheel being fun would be some insane single speed only crit with tons of tight hairpin turns.

Riding your bike is fun, dude… Fixed, geared, freewheel, bmx, whatever.

Riding your bike is fun, dude… Fixed, geared, freewheel, bmx, whatever.[/quote]

Riding your bike is fun, dude… freewheel[/quote]

More fun than walking maybe.

drivetrain fundamentalism is silly. honestly, it is pretty rare that i ride a fixed gear.

go tarck or go home

i’ve been riding my cross bike 42x18 lately… freewheel. it is damn hard work riding that for my commute and far from fun. plus spinning that fucking fast all the time gets really uncomfortable. i rode a track bike today w/ 48x16 and it feels like heaven. the only joy i currently get out of a freewheel is when i am riding offroad. first CX race (of my season) is 1.5 weeks away. woohooooooooooo

i had one of my road bikes setup 46x17 (freewheel) for a while and really enjoyed that. best of both worlds… great for riding w/ a group (unlike a track bike)

My fixed gear is a track bike so it is fixed only. I am thinking about turning my commuter Crosscheck into a single/free set up now that I found a comfortable gear to stay in.

Riding your bike is fun, dude… Fixed, geared, freewheel, bmx, whatever.[/quote]

you don’t have fun riding your bike? wtf is wrong with you then?