Frustrating - downtube shifter clamp

I know it ain’t tarck, but this is still getting on my nerves. Where can I find a clamp-on device to mount downtube shifters on a bike with no bosses? is one of the first places I'd check.

More info.
What kind of shifters, what diameter tube, on what bike?

Almost all the older clamp-on downtube shifters I’ve seen are friction, and the boss won’t readily accept an indexed shifter, particularly the modern 9, 10 speed Shimano-produced downtube shifters. If that’s the direction you’re going.

I’ll give you one for free.
I’ve got like four of em hanging around.
PM me.

This is to mount friction or old index shifters on a Fuji Berkeley.

Rusty, that is amazing. I won’t trouble you until I actually have the shifters in hand, but I’m all happy inside.

Yeah, I think I’ve got a clamp that’ll fit.
What’s the tube diameter?

Can’t use bar-ends or thumbies? I’ve never been fond of clamp-on shifter bosses.

Most clamp-on bosses suck, although if you can find old Shimano or Suntour ones, you might be happy with those. If you can’t find anything that works, then there are some super dumpster ones available from any bike shop through QBP for like $20. Of course, those won’t work very well, either.

Not sure of the diameter because I’ve been lazy/asleep, but I’ll check. What’s so crappy about the clamp-ons? I mean, it’s basically just a couple bosses with a metal clamp attached, right? Or am I missing something?

I used to have a bike with downtube shifters, and I really liked it. They stay out of the way when I’m pedaling, and my arm is right at the shifter if I just let it fall off the bars. I guess I could do bar ends and get cool points, but I like the downtube guys. The bike originally came with stem shifters, and I don’t like that at all. It’s too easy to knock the shifter with your knee while climbing a hill and change gears by accident.

I’ve got a campy one and a suntour one and I think there might be a shimano one somewhere in the bins.
I’ll have to go digging.