FS: $46.21 discount code for handup

Got this for a return and I’ll probably forget about it and loose it before I order anything else from them.

Make me an offer.

Dude You need more gloves. Buy a couple pairs of gloves.

I’ve got a bag full of gloves I never wear.

That’s why you need some that you will wear!

Use it on those jorts!

I dunno if I can recommend the jorts shartmo

Yea, I already got the jorts and while they’re very comfortable I do not recommend them unless you don’t have scissors.

They look way less shitty after cutting off all the puffy fringe and letting them fray more naturally. Next time I’m just buying stretchy jeans and cutting them myself.


Just did the exact same thing. Also they were too long in the first place. Pretty funny cutting off fake cutoffs

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