FS: 650b Ramparts, 700 x 35 Goodyears

Bought these from faxmachine, but I’m not going to use them. Let’s start off pricing them at what I paid.

Goodyear Transit Speed 700x35
Black with reflective sidewalls, tubeless, new, one tire mounted (not ridden, not milked)
$35 for the pair, plus shipping

Teravail Rampart 650B x 47
Light/supple casing with tan sidewalls, new, not mounted, taken out of the box just for this picture
$65 for the pair, plus shipping

I feel like I should get those good years in my parts bin for when I wait till my old tires are beyond dead before doing anything about it.

What is the final word on these Terravail tires? How do they stack next to the Horizon?

I’ve never ridden Horizons, but compared to Byways I think the L+S black Ramparts roll a little faster - I actually seemed to gain speed more easily downhill.

I also don’t seem to have some of the handling weirdness of the Byways at lower pressures, but that is probably the lack of side tread?

Oh hey, I’ll take the Goodyears if Face don’t want em.


fwiw I’m very pleased with the Goodyear 2.6 mountain tires.

I got the all black ones and like them. Sufficiently supple. Have held up great on my commuter.

Have you ridden the Horizons? If so, how do they compare?

I’m not expecting RTP Souplesse, just curious how they compare to what I’ve been using for four years now

Goodyears have been claimed

Yeah, but on a different bike and many months apart.
Honestly I am pretty bad at comparing similar tires since I never buy the thick boat anchor stuff so everything I’ve used in the past 5 years has been pretty good and I’d likely ¯_(ツ)_/¯ a blind tire test