FS: eBullit, Shimano e6100

I realllyyy want to build my own without a motor and add a motor later, maybe.

so my underutilized motorized one is for sale. DM me if youre absolutely serious. I’ve listed it local for $6250 and have had 0 interest!

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Why do you want to swap an integrated motor for a aftermarket motor?

  1. project for winter
  2. project for later
  3. future-abilityity of things


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Pursuing a goal is more desirable than post completion of the goal


Bullitt fetish edging?


Won’t a pinion gearbox fit in where that electric motor currently is? If so, you can rip out the e6100 stuff, pinionize the thing, and have your unmotorized unit without having to dispose of the existing one altogether?


I feel this. I’ve built my share of perfectly capable rigid-MTB-turned-city-allroad-bomber. But I always end up selling them off and basically starting over for one reason or another.

Even 'sup basically said it the last time “you just like building those things, don’t you?”


I’d be interested in a trade if it were any other color :cry:

Paint it!!

No way Jose

You can build a much more powerful one for way way way less

Our ebullitt motor cuts out at 20mph. That is a feature IMO.


Eww, gross.

srs q why futureproof when you’re gonna sell it in a year


I think it’s an interesting topic for discussion:

How can the electric assisted bike thing go forward without making a bunch of frames, batteries and electronics that only fit their own proprietary original build?

A cool thing to me about the bike ecosystem is how frames and parts can have many lives and don’t have to go straight from complete bike sale to garage to landfill.


This has already turned up as an issue with the Surly e-bike:

So it seems like the motor producers don’t even stay on the same page/product cycles as bike manufacturers. Kinda interesting

Big meh on that one from me
There are enough Bosch ebikes out there that any Bosch drive system will be supported for a very long time. If not by Bosch themselves then by a 3rd party parts manufacturer. Same with Shimano atmo.
The worst possible scenario is Specialized’s type of proprietary shit where it’s no longer supported after 2 or 3 years. But idk man, everything you see is future trash and I’d rather have bike e-waste than television e-waste


why not both?