"Fugi" bikes, etc...

I see this all the time. That and “Campagnola”.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Is it too much trouble to read what’s written in huge letters on the bike you’re selling?

Has anyone gotten any good deals this way?


When I decide to get a new stem and/or seat post, I’m searching ebay for “thompson”


I’m selling a bike with full 25-gear shiamo gears
shiamo breaks
i boughtit at walmart

I think craigslist filters out posts with proper spelling.

I only buy on Craigslist if 40% of the ad is misspelled.

I got a Thomson seatpost and stem for less than $20 each, this way.

This picture reminds me of early photography. Orotype or something, like this:

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]
This picture reminds me or early photography. Orotype or something, like this:

ah. titties.


Oh…you said “Camero”. Never mind.

i think he means fugly

I got a Thomson seatpost and stem for less than $20 each, this way.[/quote]

ditto. got my stem way cheap.

and my biggest pet peeve is ‘breaks’

On the opposite end of the anal retentive/expulsive spectrum of spelling, I think it’s hilarious when people spell out “fizik” with all of the phonetic markings, like it’s an essential part of the brand name.

Here’s a nice single speed/fixie on the west border o’ the city


is it just me, or is that thing still sporting the gear cassette? and no brakes?
nothing goes together quite as well as white pickett fences and idocy.

And this one’s just mind boggling:


“Here are Tires For Sale There is one metal 24 Inch Rim Front Tire and Rim . There is a Trek Front Tire and Aluminum Front or Back Rim and tube hand screw off no tools needed to take the tire off the bike. If interested call Mike 708 489 4652 Or email moneymix@hotmail.com Also a 20 inch tire frame with pegs silver for 20 bucks just needs tubes. Any Bike parts or neeeds let me Know and if I dont have it I can get it. 35 For Aluminum tires and 25 for Metal ones”

Aluminum tires? Metal ones?

haha moneymix.

haha moneymix.

“I will steal shit on spec.” :bear:

Going for a ‘twofer’


Christophy and Victoria should be very happy together, seriously should take $1000 of that price for not being able to read or spell.