Funky Camera Kitz

2020 I’m trying to simplify my kinda random camera/lens collection, these might end up on ebay if they don’t sell but I’d really rather they go to someone who will use them and appreciate and understand the funkiness of the kit. Prices include shipping to CONUS.

  1. Olympus OM-D E-M5 m/43 body, Oly 17/2.8 pancake, Pentax 110 25/2.8 & 18/2.8 lenses + adapter, leica M adapter, FL-14 compact TTL flash, charger, 2 batteries

The rear screen of the E-M5 doesn’t work, didn’t when I bought it, and I just covered it in gorilla tape. EVF works fine and you can adjust settings/review images through that. The Oly 17mm is either worse than I remember it from the last time I owned one or this is a soft copy, either way its worth stating.

Both 110 lenses are 2.8 only, no aperture mechanism in the lens itself.


  1. Olympus e-p2, brown ‘leather’ edition, with Lomography Experimental Lens kit (fisheye, 12mm, 24mm), 1 battery (no charger, I know this is a bummer, but they’re cheap online, and I’ll charge it to full before shipping)
    This whole kit is basically a digital holga, imo.


The allure of the m43 system has always been the ability to buy a cheap adapter and throw all sorts of weird lenses on and get weird photos. They’re also tiny, especially with a small lens either of these would fit in a jacket pocket or feedbag.

HMU with questions, I know these are weird used kits.

First 3 E-M5 shots, last 3 E-p2

John, you’re a great photographer.


Passed this on to a friend who is in the market. GLWS

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