just got back from like a fixied-gear-wheel block party thing and we played some games that were kinda fixied-gear-wheel-specific

anyone have any games that they play on their fixied-gear-wheel with other people?

edit: that better? :slight_smile:

i like playing “ride the fixie”


Filter it to pederast


Oh god please filter the shit out of that word.

[quote=“johnnyraja”]Filter it to pederast

haha seconded

yes please filter
the filter should say “im a jackass” instead of fixie

one time i saw a video of some dudes racing eachother on crappy bikes with no tires. it looked like it was either part of or after an alleycat, and also looked way fun. jacob priest and his rossin were in that video.

foot-down is the only game that interests me.

foot-down is where it’s at, nothing else exists.

hahahaha that was POWAAAAAA CAAAAAAAT

Some guy said “sick fixie, homie!” to me yesterday, the narcissist in me was happy but the elitist snob in me wanted to punch him in the face. Fixed gear sounds much better than “fixie.”

Fixed wheel sounds even better


I’ll fixie your face, god damn it!

i thought i was the only person who didn’t like “fixie”. guess not.

:bear: does not condone fixie.


hahahahah YES

thats whats going to become of my roommates broken down roadmaster mtbs.

the dudes i saw were having a harder time of it though. maybe they were drunk, but thats no excuse.