garmin edge 605/705

anyone got one? love it? hate it?

thinking of getting one soon, will be nice to have a gps with maps for when i move to a new city next year and will be getting around everywhere by bike, and for normal bike computer functions. plus i might get it before i head to israel for when i get lost on the road in places where no road signs are in english, im sure itll happen.

reviews all seem good but id like to hear from some people with one

I have a 305. It doesn’t have maps on board, but the data geek part of me enjoys knowing the grade I am on and the total climbing for a ride.

I have a 605 and don’t like it. It’s fine for the maps function, and maybe I’m just dumb, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually upload my ride or statistics to my computer. Additionally, it doesn’t run when my bike is moving and stop when it’s not. I have to remember to start and stop the thing every fucking time and to me that’s just unacceptable. What use is that?

Plus it lacks some of the stats my regular bike computer had, like grade and cadence.

I think you are doing it wrong, Ben. Even the 305 does those things.

I wouldn’t spend that much money unless I got power, cadence, HRM, and data upload.

I must be daft, because even after reading the included manual and using the included CD, there was NOTHING that indicated the 605 came with any sort of software. And even when I registered it at the garmin site there was nothing to indicate that there was (and if so, where to get) software.

And yet the first google search found it. I’ll have a much more favorable opinion of the product if this works.

edit: The software does work. Definitely interesting, and it does seem to record things even if you don’t start and stop the device. A bit ugly to look at, but neat to have. Once I actually start riding (and perhaps even training) again I anticipate it being a fun thing to play with.

The “time until sunset” feature has been an occasional lifesaver in the late fall.

thats pretty rad, will be good when im taking photos n need to beat the light
might have to make the purchase :slight_smile: