Get Luceny How Everyone Likes To Get Lit

BA bikes parts was getting overrun and I couldn’t find the old thread with all the BQ test stuff.

Euflavine, I’m curious what is behind only using a dyno and QR mount light for Winter riding. I totally get maximizing near field coverage has benefits in flat light.

So a dyno wheel and a bar mount powered light so it could be easily swapped. It wouldn’t be any harder or easier than an OG wired speedo.

im gonna do this one day

but it will only be between a few bikes

for now my niterider 550 lumen front/blackburn flea rear works great

LX dynohub x Cyo Premium
Vis 360 on helmet for “be seen” duty and riding otherwise lightless bikes

some usb thing, 350 lumens, got it for like 60 bux. its bright, doesnt die in the cold, and I dont have to think about it. If I did enough night riding to care I would get a dynamo.

Would like a dynamo to start pushing it farther in terms of distance. Would prolly do it up to some chepo 29er rim and use it on both my MTB and yolo bike. Word is that MTBing at night is best with a bright handlebar light and a less bright head lamp. But there is hella other shit ima drop a couple bills on before I get that, like a sick dropper post.

having a light on head and bars is indeed the most ideal thing for mtb. i put my more powerful light on my head, but that’s largely because it has a way better helmet mount. i suppose i can see the logic for doing things the other way around, but as long as you got 'em both you’ll be good. riding mtb at night is super fun, i wish i did it more often.

I’m curious about using one of the new wide beam dynamo lights on the trail. Not having a headlamp while MTB at night is definitely not ideal but I can see the new lights doing pretty well.

The whole charging thing for a much shorter life helmet mount light keeps me from bothering with one for road bike use. Most of my rides are longer than three hours, average battery life, versus eight hours to fully charge.

The toro I have lasts a good couple days of long rides. Adding a second one so I can angle them outwards wouldn’t be as good as a helmet light. Taking corners at speed wouldnt mean diving into darkness though. Having two headlights of that size would be amazing in the middle of some shit as well as making me appear more like a normal vehicle.