Get me into a Threaded fork with at least 330mm of steerer tube

yamaguchi’d the bigbike today. need help finding a replacement fork

You crashed?

yeah. crashed hard. fork is all wonky’d out. one arm seems to be bent to the side. not front to back.

landed right on my head on some sharp brick. hadnt been wearing my hamlet, id be a veggie fasho.

the fork is possibly salvagable. ill try to get a pic.

go threadless.

is there any forks with that much steerer? i see the surly long haul trucker has 320mm but it has canti studs. not sure if would work with my modern drivetrain

also 1" steerer tube

Fuck, Matt. Glad you’re alright.

thanks mikey. it sucks cos i almost have errythang for bigbike aka gruppo/wheelset and now another setback. life, huh

Stay safe bro.

glad u alrite babby

i also c u talk bieks very eloquently now
result of headhelmut 2 brick?

u shud have a tarcker build you a fork

i really want a fork that is straight blade cos i liek the look of dat.

more details of crash report plz

holy shiz

was riding down street, car jumpes out. instead of hitting car, which i should have done, i went into curb, tacoe wheel, flip over bars, head goes straight down on sharpish brick. i have dent in hamlet to show lol. not ded. prolly smarter amirite and yeah, need fork nao

seriously, what the fuck?! i understand what he is saying! glad you are ok.

custom fork for custom frame

with the size in mind, i don’t think you have a choice.

glad you’re ok sol!

Make an account on velocipedesalon and make a post asking if anyone has an appropriate fork without typing in retard.

I’m glad you are well and I’m glad the helmet saved you. I like ya big buddy.


holy shiz[/quote]


woah cos modern drivetraine amirite