get me into a touring fork

Want more clearance. Filed fork and not much air there. Want to replace. Need hella steerer doe. Threaded preferably

What is out there? Vintage or new?

this one looks good

xcheck 1". end of thread.

file harder, poosy

[quote=mr. trout]
this one looks good[/quote]

Less practical, more rad

steerer doe

For new I’d go custom because I can almost promise a new threaded steer in your size does not readily exist, I imagine.

[quote=Roxy]xcheck 1". end of thread.[/quote]

Also, re: the threaded “requirement” buy this headset. It’s $8.25. That’s eight dollars and twenty five cents.

Seriously. Should I lock this thread now?

i have a 700c touring fork with canti studs, chrome, i bought it as a replacement but never used it.

lemme measure steerer doe

you could just get a regular road fork and have your framebuilder put canti braze-ons on there.

^ but tire clearance doe. He already did this with his trek fork.

Thx biek.


o but wont a frok with moar clarence make the trigonometry all gloopy?

mos def will goopify


electra ticino has miles of steerer, is 700c, comes with or without canti studs. you’ll want some weight up front THOUGH.

Yeah, 70mm offset IIRC. Are those your bikes? How do they handle?

80mm. mine’s the one on the bottom. i did a review here:

since then, i’ve removed the wald and put on a smaller porteur rack. handles perfectly with a 12-pack, is a little odd empty. not bad, you just have to adjust to it.

edit - i’ll guysshoe some pix soon. added a sugino PX 50.4 crank.