get me into diy bike lighting.

the weather is pretty perfect for some night rides but i have no good lights.

when i worked at a shop i did some research on buying something new, but for the amount of light i want its just not gonna happen right now. paying retail sucks and getting them at cost i would still feel a little ripped off… they is expensive.

anyone made their own high powered led riding light? looking for something handlebar mounted with alot of output, only need about 3 hours of burn time, maybe one hour at max output…? gonna be for mountain biking mostly, i have little cheap-o clamp on ones for commuting.

Not to be a wet blanket FACE but have you looked into dealextreme lights? A flashlight, mount, multiple batteries and charger can be had from them for really cheap, or you could get their 4*18650/ P7 LED thing. mine is ultra bright, people on the highway flash me with their brights if I don’t dip it and it shines in their eyes.

double post

I’m actually in the process of doing this.

I have tons of nice lights, but I just bought a cool old style “bullet light” that I’m going to convert from halogen or whatever to LED.

I can get into this thread.

I made a thread about this same topic that had a lot of useful links. Search never works for me though, so I’ll repost linx (had bookmarked):

For headlights I would definitely go DIY, but for a rear I would just buy like a superflash or knog boomer. Right now I have three headlights and it’s still not bright enough for me.

i have a superflash tail light, i’d like to build something for the front for trail riding.

i know i can get some decent lights for an ok price on the interwebs, but i can get the same light output for cheaper if i make it and i get the satisfaction of building it myself.

it will be ugly, it will not be user friendly, but it should be awesome.


lotsa lights


reading up on candlepowerforums