Get me into shorts that make my junk look big.

I’ve been looking at some photos from yesterday’s race, and the shorts I have now just don’t cut it. I mean, you can tell my junk is there, but it doesn’t look especially impressive. What are some shorts or bibs that will do me justice?

I’m not talking about shorts with a giant chamois. That’s cheating. I just want something with a flattering cut that will accentuate my natural endowments.

Just do what this guy does.

Its all about color and position my man.

#1 dont buy shorts

#2 buy specialized bibs

i’m so glad that bikerfox was the first response to this thread.

I think thinner/small chamois and thin spandex definitely accentuate. And dont get solid black. Either get colored orthe printed on black (cuz white underneath and where it stretches, it shows)
The white insides of our kits resulted inadvertent weiner outlines for most men on our team…
See our team kit / zak’s weiner:

sup euro mullet

WHOOOAAA weiners.

you need bigger junk

This thread sucks the big banana.

amy post junk or gtfo

You want to see my penis?

at first i was like :colbert:

but then i was like :bear:

Is this thread the reason people need to have the proper colored parts for their bicycles?


Except sometimes in the trunk.

cock pushups.
end of story.

this thread makes me want to wear my all white bibs for the races this weekend