Get me into using an mtb triple as a wide range double

So I have a nice old set of 94 bcd Sugino XD triple cranks that i want to use for a wide range, 46-29 double. The thing is, because they are meant for mtb use the chainline (measuring to in between the outer and middle ring) with a 110mm bb is out at 49mm. If I use a 102mm bb from velo orange, basically the shortest possible, I can get the chainline down to 45, which puts the outer ring at around 49 mm.

Will having my big ring that far outboard potentially cause any problems? Ideally with a wide range double setup you want to be able to use most/all of your cassette from the big ring, and my worry is that with this chainline that’s not really going to work out.

So, has anyone tried a setup like this? what can i expect if i go ahead with it?

Relevant to my interests.

Well, to make use of the inner ring capacity while running it as a double, you’ll have to mount the big ring on the inside of the spider (middle position). That will bring it in a bit.

94bcd goes down to 30t. Would like to have a 30/46 with an 11-32 cassette. Don’t need the super low range.

also relevant to my interests.

Yeah, to clarify, i am using the middle and outer positions and leaving the granny position empty.

Like dis’:

I am running a Sugino 94mm mtn crank as a 46/30t double on the kogswell. The frame sucks but the drivetrain is great. I am using a road 12-26 8 speed cassette. I don’t have any trouble using all 8 gears when in the outer ring. Mine is mounted on a 103mm bottom bracket. I think the shifters might have a lot to do with how easy it will be to use all the gears when on the big. This bike has down tube Silver shifters so it is easy to make a slight front trim adjustment when needed. I just measured and my outer ring is at 52mm, but the rear is 135mm spaced on my bike.

with a friction front shifter it is no biggie.

Salsa rings? Anyone else make decent aluminum rings in 30/46?

shitty chainline just feels bad. Extra friction and whatnot. If using an even shorter BB spindle doesn’t solve the problem, then you might have to use the two inside chainring positions. If you have a front derailer, I don’t think it will be unsafe, just inefficient.

sram is increasing its 2x10 line down to x-7 I think. There are probably several options for new cheaper cranks coming to the market very soon.


thanks bigmatt, ordering the 102

@ halbritt: My ringset is comprised of a 46t NOS FSA from the compact drive mtb era, bought from a canadian dude on ebay for like 20 bucks; and a 29t TA, bought out in the uk from spa cycles for 35 or 40. 94bcd is out there but you do have to turn over a few rocks.

I really wanted to do this with my Nishiki, for easier climbing with a load, but I couldn’t find any good 170mm mountain cranks. 175 are way too long with the low bottom bracket on my bike. Pedal strike like a mofo, and it feels really weird.