Giro di Sporco Sud sponsorship

Donating a tarckshirt to a race being put on in april on the 25th.

Zorroe and I will be there repping, with jerseys if we get them in time.

How was the 'cat you alluded to in the message you sent me? Scandinavian, I’m assuming?

i put pics up on facebook. The danes are fucking rad, but my two possible partners bailed and it was a couples thing so I worked checkpoint. Drank some beers and smoked a spliff, it was fun though.
I definitely want to do more, it’s a tight little community. I wasn’t even gonna apply to be a messenger but i talked to a really nice girl who worked for DTK and she convinced me to. She seemed pretty certain I could get the job, i think it’s because I’m american or something.

So you didn’t race? Fail, dude.

You can’t race without a partner and I didn’t have a partner. Plus I’ve never biked in copenhagen before, and all I had was my trucker which I don’t want to get into an accident with. I had a good time and will ride next time for sure. This was the first alleycat I’ve ever seen.