gold hubs

gold hubs

Can you guys help me find what i need?

Who makes gold hubs with 135mm spacing (52 mm chainline) flip-flop (fixed-fixed or fixed-free) sealed bearings

bling bling

i believe Origin 8 does, but i’m not 100% on that, i’ll go look for more info

The Death Set totally has my heart right now.

i dont see any hubs on there website?


i wants my bling


dia compe makes some under their grand compe moniker, but probably not to your specs.

Steelwool makes a pair spaced at 130mm. Aren’t you in Gatineau? Cause they’re based in Ottawa. I have a pair that I won in an alleycat. Not sure what to do with them though. Maybe I could sell them to you.

some pics:


Isn’t this how little girls buy bike parts? I want GOLD ones!!!

Or gangsters.

Gold ano parts are so 2007.


little girls and middle eastern oil barons/dictators, mind you

its all good. we need tarcked out (ugly) bikes out there so nice ones stand out nicely in contrast.

Those steelwools look awesome except that they’re gold.

…and theyre just formula hubs

what’s the chainline, they look like regular 42 mm, i need more.
is the axle long enough to be spaced to 135? is it free/fixed?

by the way this is where i got the idea from:

you guys are right, that’s an ugly bike that only a little girl would ride