Gold Sprints in the DC/Baltimore area

Anyone have the gear or know someone who does? Im working on putting together a fundraiser for the MS Chesapeake Challenge of 2011.

I’ve got the ok from my local tavern to host the event, just need someone with the gear to set it up and run it.

Ben West at WABA has the goldsprints set up. rhyswest @ yahoo com

Awesome thanks for the info. email sent.

You might want to try posting on Dcfixed as well if you don’t hear back from him. Someone on there might have his phone number or something.

I got a response and he gave the setup to someone else. He’s supposed to forward my info along.

I’m pretty sure one of the two bikes got stolen out of his building’s garage so you may have to find a second bike to complete the setup. Those bikes were shit anyways.