Good place to buy shoes online?

I’m looking for shoes, all the LBSs around here don’t have anything I want, and it seems the online stores I shop at don’t have much either. Trying to stay away from nashbar/performance. Anyone got any ideas?

i always forget about pricepoint.

^^^ the specialized website has a closeout section in the shoes, too. there are some great deals in there depending on your shoe size.

I got the cheapish SIDI/ATAC combo I needed another set of pedals anyway.

Step 1: go in to Performance (you have a Performance store in philly now) and try on their shoes. Walk around. Maybe play hide a dook. Find out what you like.

Step 2: go to your LBS (ok, I happen to work in my LBS, but still) and ask them to order the shoes.

Step 4: Profit.

Where did step 3 go? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITHOUT STEP 3!!!1

haha, my credit card didn’t go through on my impulse buy…sign from tarck bear? i think so.

Anywhere that has a great return policy if you insist on on-line shoe shopping.

Anywhere that sells SIDI Genius 5s that you’ve already tried on at your local store.