Grease Thread

What grease (also includes anti-seize, vaseline, loctite, spoke prep, honey, etc etc) are you guys using on various parts of your bicycles? I know what I use, i’m just not sure if i have a good reason.

What are you guys using for:
Bottom Bracket
Seatpost clamp
Stem - steerer
Stem - bars
QR skewers


same fucking parktool grease for everything.

whatever grease is in front of me at the time for everything.

for nice hubs i’ll use phil if i’m feeling fancy

phil, I love the smell.

phil for everything.

that special grit anti-slippage grease used on carbon parts for seatposts, even if not carbon.

spoke prep: whatever spoke prep specific stuff that is available, otherwise triflow, beeswax, phil grease, whatevz.

oil: triflow, rock n roll.

some boat wheel bearing grease for pretty much everything
its light green and a little thinner than most wheel bearing grease

copper based anti-seize on cog and lock ring.

[quote=Face]whatever grease is in front of me at the time for everything.

for nice hubs i’ll use phil if i’m feeling fancy[/quote]

Mostly phil for everything. I use some white lithium for some plastic parts and other threaded pieces. Then its the above statement of whatever is in front of me, or near my tool bag at the time.

anti-seize on bb threads & pedal threads and parktool grease for errything else.

I got a big tub of Park Tools grease that I’ve been using.

hoity toity city folk.
me? use bacon grease
gets it smooth AND tasty.


sometimes its white, sometimes its green. Hubs get oil most of the time unless its winter, get that bzzt on

Phil ain’t any better than Park, it’s all the same marine wheel bearing grease — just buy tubs for $2 at the auto parts store

Sometimes I use white lithium to see the filth intrusion even though it’s not quite as long lasting. Really it doesn’t matter much, these days you’ll have a hard time finding any grease too shitty to use on a bike in consumer quantities. Maybe some of em turn to resin in 15 years instead of 30, who gives a fuck.

Teflon plumbers tape is great on BB threads, anti-seize on spoke threads and nipple beds.

I’m with Fred for the most part. All the grease that we use is way above spec for bicycles. I still bought a tube of Phil’s to see what it was like. This was before I found the MSDS and realized it was just marine wheel bearing grease. Have a tube of Park as well. It’s fine. I use zinc anti-seize for threads when I’m not feeling lazy, especially pedal threads. Otherwise, I just grease 'em. Tri-flow if I need oil.

was at bike shop today and mechanic with 1.5 foot long beard backed this so hard

MSDS only has hazardous chemicals that are required to be reported. The Phil MSDS doesnt even include CAS numbers, just a general description. I can guarantee you there’s more in it. Compare it to the EU MSDS for examples (couldn’t find one for Phil, but it exists if they sell it there.) They’re required to report a lot more there, but still not everything. FWIW ATMPO

I use Phil for most every metal/metal contact. Tri flow for chain, pivot points and sometimes on cable bends.