Green tire

Anyone know if these are available in the states or will be?

Anyone know of a 29er tire in that or a similar green color?

i’m sure they’re gonna be on ebay in a second or two.
blue lug sells them now though… they ship reasonably.

I can’t wait for Conti to jump on this cRazEe coLouersss thing. I want yellow gp4000s.

ps, joke post?

I realy do want green tires on my orange mtb though!

Halo Twin Rail:



Close but no cigar.
Thanks tho. I don’t think it exists.

So tarck!

go FAST now! ... 286.c0.m14

edit: wait. they’re 20"

[quote=“Carabo”]Halo Twin Rail:

I have those (the black ones) on my Specialized P.2. I really like them for a streetable tire.

Have you thought of these:

Are those for 29"?

No. They’re old Michelin Wildgrippers. They probably make 29’s now but I’m pretty sure they’ve discontinued “the green”.

Those would look sick on this beast:

tru dat

Rusty, how tall are you? I want to get a singlespeed mtb but the craze right now is in 29’s and so I’m forcing myself to consider the 1x1 (note: this is all an elaborate excuse to get a 1x1)

I just feel like a 29 would be gigantic on me (5’ 10")

I’m six feet even.
I wouldn’t go SS if you plan on riding any actual trails though.

richmond is flat as hell. The few trails we have with hills are like 30 feet long.

and at first I read that as “I’m six foot seven”