Halloween Alleycat

Alright kids…I’m doing it again, but this time it is going to be even better. This is the first leak of the race. All I can say is you might need to bring your geared bike, and some water. Not sure where I am going to start the race, but I know that it will finish at wahoo’s fish tacos. I will have some food for you guys and maybe some tasty beverages. #4 hint hint…


Oooh I might be in Austin then. I’m down.

If I get a job in Austin (which I am hoping for) I am so down.


I need to come to Austin. If I can find a couch for the weekend I’ll try to make it over for this.

i got a couch. and a bit of floor space. hit me up around then if anyone needs a place for the night.

I’m planning the same thing locally. You planning on having any fun events? We’re having apple bobbing, face painting, a haunted house, pumpkin carving. Shit’s gonna be nutso.

Hell even if I don’t have a job yet I may make a trip down there for that.

the other day at work i was bored and started planning an epic halloween party in my head, glad i’m not the only one thinking that far ahead.

i fucking LOVE halloween.

I want everyone to come dressed up in something, so I am going to have a prize for best costume. I’m sure someone will throw an actual halloween party…so no apple bobbing or anything like that…maybe a foot down or a race to see who is the slowest from point a to b, which that may only be 8 feet and no tarck standing…

Hmm. Interrresting. The day after my 23rd birthday! I think I’ll be in Dallas doing Muddy Buddy though.

There is only a couple of things that I failed to mention on the flyer.

1.If you are coming into town for this race or you live here, you need to bring a digital camera or have one in your phone. I will not have a person at each checkpoint, so you are going to have to take a picture of something, or be able to draw well and fast.

  1. It is going to be somewhat of an endurance race. So bring your geared bike…if you expect to do well.

.Fair warning. :colbert:

  1. Once you get done with the race, you get to eat some free food and drink free beer from a keg if you race.

Also you’re going to get a t-shirt instead of a spoke card for entering. Fuck spoke cards.

So fuck it you get a shirt free food and free beer for ten bucks…good luck finding that anywhere else.

Oh and you might win something, even if you come in dead last. There is going to be a prize for best costume.


It’s on Sunday? mutha fuck, man. Well I’ll still come that weekend, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to hang around long enough for the race itself.

my cannondale is primed and ready for this race. DFL HERE I COME!!!

new plan: i’m gonna race in a bear suit. and whip skid into trashcans to knock them over.

:bear: this was fully my idea. :bear: jim is fully stoked and screaming like an excited little girl. :bear:


Awwww, this sounds fun. I wanna go. San Diego sucks.

I’ve never been jealous of texas before now.

I need a bear suit for halloween. There is a Critical Mass here during it as well as talk about them blocking of the Embarcadero.