Ham Curious

In the course of winter Bike Ditherings, I have latched upon the tarckbear-forsaken idea of getting a hambiek to do double duty as a fun kid hauler/winter snow thing.

I’m looking for something with rear rack mounts and 135 rear spacing, for to take a rear child seat. also will have a front child seat when not in winter mode. Size will be XL

I’m looking at a Pugsley or one of these bikesdirect things. Anything else I should be looking at?

I’m debating either building a wheelset for 45c Nomads for non-winter duty, or just getting some big fat Vee Rubber speedsters.

The Surly would be better because I could slowly accumulate parts at cost, so wife could remain in the dark about the true cost of this nonsense. Also sortof opposed to bikesdirect on principle, as a shopbro. I also like the Special Ops Pug cos SLX brakes.

What say you, tarck? hambieks, are they overrated? Should I Krampus or Moonlander or something else?


i thought the pugs was 170 rear spacing?
i really like the krampus, got to sit on one at universalcycles. bouncy. would like to try on a trail.

mayb fat front?

cogburn atmo

Part of me kinda digs the idea of a “hunting bike”, but I’m not sure I’d want to drag a deer with one. Or maybe I would?

I am also hamcurious. My demo ride on a Beargrease didn’t help.

you serious?
less sizing, not as good part spec as the Special Op. Questionable paint. I can’t find anything that says the actual rear spacing, but I suspect it is not 135- "The rear hub spacing and tube design provide clearance for fat tires without the need to ‘dish’ them outboard for tire clearance at the chain. "
I need 135 for rear child seat/Topeak rack.

not really serious but real tree dad bike is lulzy

go all out and get a burley trailer so no need for 135 spacing?

eh, I have a Schwinn trailer that won’t die. looking for something else, not as wide, more fun.

Dang those Motobacons can be reasonably spec’d for that price point

Rode my buddys Krampus recently and its real nice

The Pug Ops on Surly’s site lists BB7 brakes (in black colorway). The color in general and matchy rims are nifty. It must be winter cos thinking about how I would tweak this bike from my partsbin yet such a purchase will never happen.

Unless you really want to snowbiek a lot, I’d go Krampus.

Don’t buy a BD shitshow.

while the Pugsley is 135mm spacing it is offset to the driveside so mounting any rear rack is a fucking PITA.

Just use a steel rack and ducking stretch that thing out to 170 and call it a day.

Hambiek bakfiet with tie down inside the wheelbarrow for a car seat to hold the little one. Middle child might even be able to straddle it and wrangle feeding bottles for you.

okay, so it looks like no matter what, I’ll need to get a new seat with a steel rack so I can bend the shit out of it.

What cheap options am I overlooking in 170? Trashbar? edit: oshi I could get the Special Ed!

Also, I have a HT 29er… what does Krampus have to offer that my HT doesn’t do? (I live in New England and actually want a winter bike too.)

Rando, I have to see if I like this fat bike thing before I get Erik Winter to build me a hamfiet one

krampus does 3" tires thats what

Salsa is sold out of Mukluks. There are still Pugsleys to be had.

9zero7 makes an offset 135 frame with sliders.

Pugs will fit a knard / rabbit hole wheelset. Do a GIS for Krampug.

In my experience: Full hambeik sucks on the street. The big tires self-steer and its annoying. 29+ is better if you’re doing mostly road/gravel and less deep snow. The Surly ECR is actually better option if you are doing more exploration/commuting/fucking around and less full-bore mountain biking.

Also, my plan is to somehow find a Mukluk and build a second 29+ wheelset so this thread is very relevant to my interests…

not sure if just being a dick answer
but if not just being a dick
what does non-suspension 3" tires get me that suspension + 2.35s doesn’t?

I know a couple guys that got Pugsleys here for winter and one guy that rides a Jones for everything. I get that ham tires are good for snow/fauxspension… but Krampus seems like it’s for luddites who want a 29er.

This would be a snow bike/ backup full bore mtn bike. when not a kid hauling dadstrosity.

The Krampus rides like a rigid 29er with big wheels, ATMO. Any talk of “suspension” in those tires is :colbert: . Same goes for full-size hambiek.