Handup AT Pants XL (2) XS (1)

Forgot I had these in the closet. Way beyond return window. All new with tags.

XS AT Pant in Navy (ordered by mistake)

$25 shipped


Both XL’s have been claimed, only the XS is left. PM if interested.

i want them but am probably a regular S. did you end up getting any in your size? interested as an alternative to swrve

I didn’t like the XL’s because I think the thigh fit was a little tighter. So if anything, maybe they run smaller compared to Swrve

Seem to fit my tubby ass fine, though the 34 inseam is a little long. If you’re skinny Jake, try it. Thanks @piepants!

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Agreed, loving my pair

I am just trying my best to not sell the goods I listed for sale.

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