Has anyone ever actually seen any of the new Sunrace stuff?

I was just digging through their site out of curiosity, and I’ll be damned if Sunrace isn’t making brifters and 9/10spd stuff. A lot of it looks like garbage in the photos, but their mountain stuff is kind of badass and their top of the line road group looks OK.

Is this stuff any good at all, or is it mostly garbage? I haven’t ever heard about any of it, let alone seen it in real life.

I, as well, have only seen pictures. There might have been an article in Bicycle 2 months ago about it, or that might have been another “off-brand” group…

Sampson Stratics is another group out there supposedly. More competition for shimagnolo would be welcome, but not if every shop is going to have to carry specific small parts and tools for each one. I would really hate to walk into a shop and have them say “Mmm… Nope. You’ll have to take it to the Sunrace dealer across town.”

Not really a fan of the gold and the levers look kinda generic. Are they using a thumb button like campy?

^ From the new Bicycling. The company that makes the group is actually Microshift, but they’re made to Sampson spec. The brifters have three levers. A brake/upshift/downshift. Actually doesn’t sound bad at all