has anyone used the soma walker racers?

I was going to get the Nitto B123 for my new track bike, but then at my LBS I got my hands on these and am now considering them…

I’m still not sure what I’ll be using the new bike for as it’s still just tubes (getting fit cutom)

If anyone’s used these before though I’d love to know what you thought

I think they look a little bit too much like flipped over cruiser bars



That might be gross

my buddy has them on his soma rush. the bike is like a 63cm or something so i can’t fit on it to ride and see how the bars are, but i know he loves em to death.

i know, i’m no help.

If your bike will FIT you, and will be ridden on the track, nitto 123’s are pretty damn comfy. As far as the somas…I change bars a lot, and I remember soma’s stuff being pretty cheap (like 30 bucks?) so you could buy a pair and give em a shot, and re sell if you dont like em.

Thanks guys, I think I’m going to go with my first choice of the nitto’s… and maybe if I’m bored and working on a conversion or something I’ll try out the soma’s, although they weren’t that cheap (sixty canadian at the LBS, but I’m sure I can find they somewhere cheaper).

oh dang, I thought they were about 35 american last I looked.

I’m going to be in the US in two weeks so I’ll probably try to find parts there, cause it sounds like they’re way cheaper… thanks man

no problem, what part of the US?

new york city, I’ve never been to any bike shops there so I’m kind of excited- but not really sure what to check out

eww thems are ugly

get the major taylors. way better. somafab.com


Soma somehow manages to make everything they produce suck. This is no exception.

I like the Rush, FWIW. But yeah, I’m also not a huge fan of most of what they make.

Their double straps suck hard. I think that has been well established on this board already.