headset question

what is “crown race” a measurement of, and do i want 27 or 26.4 on the stock fork for a kilo tt?

on a related note, can you convert from a quill to a threadless stem? what do you need to do? new fork needed?

Crown race is where the bearings in the bottom part of your HS rest. 27 on a Kilo, according to cursory google search

New fork and headset, I think. Might want someone to confirm that.

If you just want to use a threadless stem but keep your threaded fork and headset, you can use an adaptor like this


you can get a new fork, and headset, but you could also get a “threadless adaptor”

If you just want to use a threadless stem, there are lots of threaded-to-threadless adapters available. Your LBS should have one for ~$20.

If you really want a whole threadless setup, then you’ll need a new 1" (most likely) threadless fork, and a 1" threadless headset. Basic installation instructions are available online, or you can have your LBS do it for a few bucks.

thank you. it wasn’t in the owner’s manual but now i guess a google search would have made sense.

Sure. You may want a Kilo owner here to confirm that.

i’m pretty sure all normal (ie: not french or JIS) 1" threaded headsets have a 27mm. i think 26.4 is the JIS crown race, for 80s asian bikes and the like. i could be wrong so don’t quote me on this…

the aftermarket 1" threaded headset i bought for my kilo was a 26.4

told you i may be wrong… :bear:

wait so… i want a 26.4 for the stock fork?

mine was.
my frame is like 3 or 4 years old though.

dammit, nw you got me 2nd guessing myself.
i’m pretty sure it was 26.4

yep, it’s 26.4