Helmet Recommendationz - Met Parachute

I love riding my tarckbike around and Death seems to be pounding on my door lots lately!! I’ve tried on a few FF helmets liek teh Giro Remedy; not only is it poorly ventilated, it’s strains my neck and makes me feel like a bobblehead doll. Hopefully, I could find a helmet which is not only lighter and also better ventilated…

What do ya’ll think of the Met Parachute? First-hand experiences anyone?

that looks terribly badass.

Do you really need face protection?

i wouldnt be wearing these:

if i had one of those :colbert:

Just by the looks of it, I’m not sure I’d trust that face protection to do a whole lot. The effectiveness of face protection really depends on a well-fitting chin strap, and I don’t really see much in the way of that going on with that helmet. I’d also question the sturdiness of that cage, or whatever you wanna call it.

When I was seven (maybe eight), the neighborhood kids and I would ride alldayeverydayeveryweekeverymonth of the year. One day, my next door neighbor’s pitbull was out for a stroll and went off leash. It chased me down the street and I somehow toppled over my handlebars french kissing the asphalt. It was absolutely delightful! Lucky me!! :-S

I’m on edge about the Parachute… it really does look like the chin protector will save me from scrapes rather than blunt force. It does look pretty fuckin badass though

[quote=ethics]i wouldnt be wearing these:

if i had one of those :colbert:[/quote]

… very tempted to list several other reasons why you’re wearing those that have nothing to do with helmets.

dont get a full face helmet. you need to be able to see.

full face hamlets save lives on motorcycles, but on a bicycle, i dont really see the point, i mean, yeah i see teh point, but i just dont kno

lol sol.

what exactly was the point of that statement? only you can say so much and simultaneously so little.

[quote=ethics]lol sol.

what exactly was the point of that statement? only you can say so much and simultaneously so little.[/quote]
the ONLY response to that is honestly… I KNO RITE!

full face is the norm in bmx. i think some guys use them in downhill too

If I as going to go full-face, it’d have to be a Troy Lee.

With flaming eyeballs on the side? A friend of mine had a TLD Mazda pickup 5 or so years ago. It was horrible.

i still have my old bmx helmet. it sucks wearing it for more than a few minutes at a time

That’s super-helpful, thanks Tom. Fuck me if I’m going to be riding with a FF in a TT position.

… ahh, the joys of riding without a helmet!

you’re my favorite book.

I just picked this puppy up for a few bucks at a thrift shop, it’s way heavier then the one i wear on my road bike, plus it’s a skateboard helmet, but it’ll do the job of going just a mile or two a day from work to home. and i dont know why i dont wear the one i already have but it makes me feel rather protected when im crossing streets with angry morning rush hour drivers.

that looks terribly bad, ass.

i like my bern helmets