help a n****

Here is my position:

Im broke as shit, sorta, but could spend $500+/- I see a good end result.

Cross season is here and I dont have a cross bike…

I havent been looking at bike shit online for a while, dont know whats new and available, dont know current prices well…

I want a cheap but reliable cross bike…


use mtb tires on a road bike

do you need anything else? I could throw some tires on my road bike… are regular brakes ok? ive never done cross before but wanna!

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i have newer 105’s?? is it because of tire clearances?

fuck it… I just saw the phantom cross uno for $400… you cant get shit these days for $400… i think ive spent that much in tires this year… so i bought one… i feel like a sellout for succuming to the bikesdirect dealio… but i guess i got what i wanted for a damn good price… helllllllaaaaaa. time to get my ass kicked at the races from now on… yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

nice. did you get the black or the white? it’s probably going to be pretty heavy, so look for ways to get some weight off it. the rear is spaced 120 so if you have a better/lighter wheelset you can use that. you could swap other stuff, too, like the saddle/seatpost and take the interrupter levers off. just a suggestion. have fun

I got white… I’ll probably have to leave it mostly alone for a little bit… what do you suggest for brake levers?

i was just suggesting you take the interrupter levers off since you prolly won’t use them when racing.

i’m doing the same thing (UNO). it’s cheap, it’s not horrible, and it’s not a bad way to test the 'cross waters.

i just need to get my shit together and order it already.

I think Tektro levers are super comfortable, although I don’t have them myself. Shimano makes some nice brake levers as well. These are both drop bar style levers. I would keep the interrupter levers on. It’s nice to have the flats as an option, and I don’t see it hurting to have them there. I don’t race cross, but most of the people I know who do use regular levers and interrupter levers.