Help Me Choose A Cyclocross Bike

aka buy this one Full Shimano 105 group, carbon fork, and outboard bearing crankset.[/quote]
would consider, but its isnt big enough
(still tiagra)

is that redline a good deal?

not a schwinn fan and dat other biek is too small. well, the redline is too small too :confused:

I would recommend bar ends/down tube shifters before I would recommend getting a brifter bike under the new Tiagra or older 105 level. Nothing will make you want to ride SS or fixed more than trying to maintain the shifting performance of a bike with Sora over the long run.

Also, how tall are you? Are you looking for something 64/65cm? That does narrow it down a lot. Run though Competitive Cyclist’s fit calculator and make sure you’re not rounding up too much. Keep in mind that you’ll also want lower stand over height on a cross bike to make up for big tires and the style of riding.

dude is fucking tall. i think he might even need a 67 or something. got a lot of seatpost showing iirc.

So dose this dude. Sol go to yer lbs and get yer tall ass a Kona.

FUCK OUR MOTHERFUCKING LBS. those pieces of shit tried to tell me the CHEAPEST tire they sell is $50 each. they can suck a fucking cock. they tried to sell me a set of eggbeaters basic pedals for $100. i bought them online for half. FUCK my lbs

That Kona is a 63 cm, and that dude still has like two feet of post. Trebon is a beast!

But yeah, if you need a really big bike…that sucks. As you’ve found, many frames top out at around 58 or 60 cm.

If you’re looking for a full on geared bike, I’d raise your budget a fair amount. Why not try deciding on the bike that you want, keeping in a mind a set, but higher budget, and using the time it takes you to save up to make sure you’re well educated and making a good choice in your purchase. You’ve still got some saving time until cross season, and if you really have no idea about the levels or even names of various component groups, you probably shouldn’t just be purchasing a random bike online. Go to a bike shop, tell them what you’re looking for, and let someone who knows what they’re talking about let you try a few bikes.

see, the issue i have is, the fucking lbs here doesnt try to help, they try to sell you shit. i need to go to a shop with someone who knows bikes, so they can HELP me.

my masi is a 60. i’m 6’3" and have 2/3" of stand over with a good amount of seat post showing, so with sol, it would probably look ridiculous

yeah. probably so. my 64cm has a good deal of seatpost

Tarckbear would get a Surly Cross Check.

The 62cm frame has 610mm of top tube and 620mm of seat tube; is that enough?

I’m 6’3" and ride a 60cm, and it fits me perfectly. About a fist and a finger or so of seatpost showing, I think that’s fine.

imma keep my eyes open on used cross checks. they are too expensive for me to justify the money buying one new

the pic of the crosscheck just saved this ridiculous thread.


this thread sucks, but if it stops sol from running into chat asking if a 60cm 1988 cannondale with 2 days left on ebay is a GOOD DEAL???!!!, I’m all for it.

First: get a bike that fits. your 64 has a foot of seatpost. Be shopping for something bigger. stop looking at 61s

Second: There’s no ‘GOOD DEALS!!!’ on ebay unless it’s Buy It Now or it’s the last second of the auction. Otherwise the price hasn’t been determined yet.

Third: Cantilevers are a pain in the ass to set up. See the Cantilever thread. Frankly, I don’t think you’re competent enough to install them correctly. If you want fatter tires and a road bike, just get a road bike with clearance for fatter tires, and put dual-pivot long reach brakes on.

Here’s what I’d recommend:
an ebay old steel bike in your size:

Out of those, I like the Giant with the Suntour Command shifters, or the Schwinn with nice lugs and good tire clearance. THEY’RE ALL 63 AND UP, WHICH IS WHAT YOU NEED. REPEAT: STOP LOOKING AT 61s, YOU’RE 6’6"!!!

If you buy an old bike with clearance for big tires, expect to spend more money, particularly upgrading brakes to long reach dual pivots like these:

And spend another $200 on good wheels.

Now you’re looking at about the price of Bikesdirect. Just buy the touring bike in a 64:

Kona Jake

Same advice as SV: Find a decent quality used steel frame made for 27" wheels. Get some 700c wheels to get some room for nobby/wide tires. Throw on some bar end shifters and long reach brakes and call it a day.

Also, how do you hang out on bike related forums as much as you do and seriously know nothing about bikes?!

This. I see bomb-ass super tall bikes on craigslist all the time.