Help me teach someone to ride a bike

A friend’s friend just moved into town and I jokingly said, “Oh, I’ve heard all about you,” and the first thing she asked was, “What, like that I can’t ride a bike?” I had heard of these kind of people before, but had never met one in person. So I asked if she wanted to learn and offered to help. She got super excited and said yes, but mentioned that people always flake on her. So now I’ve resolved to make sure it happens.

Of course I have no idea how to teach someone how to ride a bike. To me it seems easy, but I remember a lot of gravel in my knees when I was younger, so I’m pretty sure it’s not actually easy to learn. My plan is to bring her to a park, put her on a bike with no pedals, and teach her how to balance. Then teach her how to move forward. Then put the pedals on and go from there. Hopefully the soft grass will help prevent any severe anxiety or bruising. I’ve got a flat bar, fat tire, step through frame for maximum balance.

Adoes anybody have any experience with this?

Also, this is how I got her bike home:

The Bike Collective is 4 miles from my house, so ghost riding a bicycle would have been difficult.

First we took off the front wheel. Then we set the fork into the rear rack’s cross bar. We strapped down the fork ends with toe clip straps. Then we added extra security with an old tube. And finally we wrapped a bungee cord around the fork ends.

We put the front wheel onto the rear rack of the rear bicycle and strapped it down with a bungee net.

About a half hour later we were home safe. It was a little squirrely at first, but once you got used to the weird weight on the back it actually wasn’t so bad.

Four miles of ghost ridin’ ain’t much atmo.

Also, is she cute?

yeah she better be cute
lower the seat and take off the pedals and teach her how to scoot
then add pedals and teach her how to pedal and go
then go for it
with the penis
in the hole you prefer

I’ve ghost ridden bikes back before, but it’s a pain in the ass, whereas this time the pain in the ass was front loaded into the setup and relatively easy to get home.

Also I already have a girlfriend who rides all the time, so I’m already in over my head.

turp gets it

And you independently discovered the gold standard bike-on-bike portaging mechanism. Works best with a truck bed fork mount bolted to the rear rack, and the trailed bike’s wheel bungeed to its frame above the reach of its pedals.

Yes, clearly.

teensy bit of downhill, rear brake only, helmet on, sturdy shoes of course
try and instill some yolo in her
she’ll be rockin artisianal chamois creme in a hot second

I like how you think douggie. It’s like the sink or swim method of learning to swim, where you throw someone into the water and they either learn to swim or don’t.

you know what i mean

this give me warm fuzzies of my dad teachin me how to ride a bike
“fucking pedal you idiot!”
“fuck, this is hopeless”
“you ride a bike like your mother cooks”

At least they were kind enough to put up a mattress around that one tree…

Never thought Zach would be able to ride so I bought a tandem. Turned out the tandem opened that door for him.

If you have access to one, I’d go that route.

Shit, we have a Burley trail-a-bike out there. Maybe I should have brought that instead.

Anyone have detailed photos of this modification in practice? I was trying to find images of this the other day and couldn’t dig up anything.