Help plz (actually, got hit by car)

I was trying to mod my fork to do barspins but I think I messed up. Do you think my dad can fix this?

wooden plank + car = barspins for miles

Actually I got hit on my way to class this morning. Car turning right on red t-boned me as I was going through an intersection. An Asian couple got out of the car and I almost chuckled despite my obvious bad mood. When I was talking to the driver he noticed my cell phone precariously balanced on the grate of a storm drain - that save also made me feel a bit better about the situation.

The real bummer is that I had plans to hang deraileurs on that frame, and now I’ve got no road bike that can be geared up. That and I jammed my thumb really badly, which makes typing a PITA and probably won’t help me when writing my essay exam this afternoon. Oh well, at least I’ll be getting some cash that I can put towards an MTB for summer trail riding.

is there a coop up there? a new(used) fork shouldn’t cost that much or be that hard to find.

And you’re fine? I can’t visualize how that accident happened. It looks more like you T-boned something than something hitting you. Poor biek. Is the frame ok? You should probably get a cheapo fork if so and continue with your plans of gearing it up.

Is that a scratch or a buckle on the downtube?

Yeah, i don’t get it. Just replace the fork, guy.

Chipping paint from buckle

you should go to the bike yard thing where the police take all the unregistered bikes in East Lansing, you can probably get bike parts for super cheap.

ahhhh, ok. makes sense.

Yeah, it’s hard to see in the pics but both the down tube and top tube have buckled visibly. This is the second time that bike has been t-boned, so it’s definitely getting retired. The front wheel is also very badly out of true and the seam doesn’t seem to be in the best shape, might have to sit that as well. Now I’ll have two front formula hubs left over from wrecks and not a thing to do with them.

As far as figuring out how the crash worked, the car definitely hit my front end first, you can see how the left fork is bent not only back but to the side. I was also at a bit of an angle as I was about to turn off the street and on to the sidewalk right in front of my destination that was near the intersection.

Suck. I’m glad you’re in relatively good shape, but a bike is a bike, and losing one to this sorta thing sucks. The cash you speak of- is the driver just settling with you outta court or insurance stuff or what? If you don’t wanna disclose, that’s cool. Just curious.

This and GRH’s thread a while back are starting to make me a bit paranoid on the road. I’ve never been hit and have only had a few close calls, but these are reminders that this stuff happens, and we all gotta be givin’ full attention as much as possible.

Sorry about you loss. Glad you’re alright.

Some people will laugh when stressed or nervous. Sounds like you kept your kool.

Ride like they’re all trying to kill you. Even when they’re looking right at you, assume they’re looking through you.

As of now I’m just gonna settle with them. I’m taking the bike to my LBS to get an estimate and then sending that to the driver. I’ve done this before in the past with no problems, and I’m hoping this case will be no exception. Of course, I got their license plate and all that just in case - no witnesses to back me unfortunately, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I realize I’m making myself a little vulnerable in this situation if they decide to be uncooperative, but I’ve already had yeaux offer me the frame from his winter beater if it comes down to it. Had this been my newer bike or had I been hurt, I’d have made sure to get a witness account and gone through the official legal channels.

Now that I think of it, I’m also gonna submit a police report tomorrow morning just in case, so I can have something on record if they decide to try to screw me over.

Good to hear you’re still on your feet dude.

Polo bike?

Good idea, so far I’d just been thinking “well, I’ve got a nice new wall piece…”

make sure you put a brake on your next bike dude.

While I agree with the sentiment, that bike does have a brake.