"Hey man. What kind of bike is that?"

Inspired by this guy that popped up in the badass thread and was promptly shat upon.

So who has the most?

My wife’s Cdale has the brand name on it 10 (!!!) times, the logo is on it 3 times, and then the lowly model number is only on there twice. I always liked my Surly because it wasn’t completely plastered with logos, but actually looking and counting reveals the Surly name 5 times, along with a logo and a copyrighted slogan of a sort (Fatties fit fine.) The Klein only says their name twice with a logo on the headtube and leaves the ridiculous paint job and smooth ass welds to further the brand recognition. I have no idea on my old Trek, because the previous owner thought that it would look badass with a flat black paintjob. I guess it’s still somewhat branded because of the Trek cast in the lugs, but whatever.

i took the decals off my surly. it not says surly once on the front hub.

My Gios says “Gios” on it about 30 times between the stickers and pantographs.

I just did a quick logo count of my stable. The carboner[size=85]*[/size] wins with 13 Looks (17 including pedals), the RB-1 has the least with 3 Bridgestones.
[size=85]*Thanks for naming my bike Bold, bikes need names. [/size]

I think my Trek roadie has at least 10 decals on it that say TREK, plus a few USPS decals too.

I guess I fail at this, I took all the decals (except headbadge) of my Cross Check, the Jury is completely unbranded and the De Rosa was primered by previous owner (only panto on fork crown and seat stays and that’s gray now too) So pretty much a 0 on brand logos for me.

My Fuji is ridonkulous, but my Leader will have no logos whatsoever now that I’m repainting it. Seriously, there is no need for these people to put their logos everywhere.

one logo on the downtube is all you need IMO. and a nice headbadge.
From a design standpoint, it’s the companies that have weak logos/branding/type that put their shit all over.

yes i’m still doing hella tarck logos on my bike, i think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No logos here.

there’s a kiyo on both sides of the downtube and some stamped wonky Ks, sexyyyyyy

My ‘79 Trek’s got big ol’ panel logos on the seat and downtube, so that makes 7 “Treks” including the headbadge and casting on the seatstays. Then it’s got three Columbus badges and my dad’s name on the driveside chainstay. So that’s 11 logos total, but it certainly doesn’t seem crowded to me.

why’s your dad’s name on the driveside chainstay?

I think this an unfortunate off shoot of the fact people want “race” bikes. If you are sponsoring a team, you want your logo on every surface a la NASCAR. People want race bikes, and the look comes with the territory. It is over the top, but a substantial proportion of roadies also wear the kit of teams advertising obscure European products and communications companies.

Schwinn x5 on the world sport conversion,
Motobecane x6 on the FC1

counting head tube badges.

My bike has no more logos at all since I powdercoated the frame. But no one ever really asks what kind it is, I just get compliments on it all the time.

There’s a kid riding around here with a Leader 721TR, he spray painted it and put Fuji stickers on it, and tells everyone it’s a Track Pro.

There’s a kid riding around here with a Leader 721TR, he spray painted it and put Fuji stickers on it, and tells everyone it’s a Track Pro.[/quote]


That’s like painting my NIssan and telling everyone it’s Honda.

Inorite? Who cares if it’s a Leader, it’s decent frame. But Track Pro’s are more expensive, hence cooler.

He raced it in the early 80s in Wisconsin, and this was a requirement, I guess. Here 'tis:

the decals that i hate are on the chainstays of some bikes i.e. powered by sram, shimano xtr and come as stock

My olmo has 8 "Olmo"s including the headbadge, one Campagnolo and a signature that I can’t remember right now.
My Crosscheck has 6 Surlys including the front hub, 2 crosschecks, 2 fatties fit fine, 1 “I hate your SUV”, 1 “Ride a Fucking bike”, and one TarckBike.com